Jane100 Event Kit?

So, you’ve decided to host a Jane100 event. Thank you! Here is some basic information to help you get started.

This Event Kit provides information on planning your Jane100 event, including some background on Jane100, details on how to coordinate with the Jane100 volunteers and committee, and tips on pulling off a successful event.

What is Jane100?

Jane100 is a year-long celebration of the life and legacy of Jane Jacobs, the inspiring urban theorist, author, and citizen activist who made Toronto her home for nearly 40 years. It is an invitation and an opportunity for community groups, organizations and individuals to activate the spaces and places around them, with the goal of seeing our neighbourhoods and city from new or overlooked perspectives.

Whatever your event, we ask that you set aside some time to briefly share with your guests some information about Jane Jacobs and how your event fits in with the year-long Jane100 celebrations.

For more details on Jane100, check out our backgrounder. To find out more about Jane Jacobs’ contributions and legacy, visit our about Jane page.

Planning a Jane100 Event

List your event on the Jane100 calendar
With an ever-growing list of both Community and Signature Events, the Jane100 website is a one-stop-shop for interested individuals looking to attend an event or find out more about the celebration. It’s the only way to enter your event into the Jane100 calendar, and the best way to connect with your audience.

To share your event through jane100.com, simply visit the site and click on

To list your event on Jane100.com, you will need, at minimum, the following details: In the event description box, consider including Event Planning Tips
  1. Form a team - This might include representatives from your organization, friends, or neighbours who will work together to plan and present your event.
  2. Set your goals - With your team, determine what you want to get out of your event. Do you want to share your work and knowledge, engage a new community, celebrate Jane’s history, or bring her ideas to life?
  3. Find your audience - Based on your event goals, think about who you want to attend your event. Decide whether your event will be invite-only or open to all, and if you’ll require an RSVP or a ticket or will allow folks to simply show up. There is no requirement to make your event free, but we ask that you think about how ticket prices might affect who is able to attend your event. If you would like to track RSVPs, consider using a free online service like Eventbrite.
  4. Book your space - Decide where and when you’ll be hosting your event, whether that’s at your office, at a home, at a community centre, in a park, or at a rented venue. Book the space and secure the appropriate event and licensing permits, if applicable.
  5. List your event on Jane100.com - All Jane100 events must be listed through jane100.com. This is the best way to connect with the whole roster of Jane100 events and to reach a broad audience!
  6. Reach out to your networks - Connect with key leaders in your community and other well-connected individuals and organizations who can spread the word about your event. Reach out to your key contacts and encourage them to be involved, whether as attendees or event volunteers.
  7. Spread the word - Consider creating an e-vite, event flyer, or a shareable image for online distribution that contains information about your event, the location and date, and how to register.
  8. Create an event schedule and assign responsibilities - Outline your setup and event start time, event agenda, volunteer roles (if applicable), and clean up time, so you can clearly understand what’s necessary to make your event run smoothly.
  9. Host your event!
  10. Capture the fun - be prepared to snap some photos or record video at your event - Consider including a photo/video disclaimer on your event RSVP page and on-site at your event, informing attendees that photos and videos will be taken at the event, for future use by your organization and/or by Jane100.
Logos + Graphics

You can download the beautiful Jane100 logo in a variety of colours and formats here. We ask that you please adhere to the following logo usage guidelines:

Minimum size: To ensure legibility, the logo should never be reproduced smaller than 0.8 inches (based on the width of the wordmark) for print media or 90 pixels in width (at 72dpi) for digital applications.

Mimimum clear space: To ensure the greatest visual impact, the logo must always be framed within a zone of minimum clear space. Using the height of the Jane100 wordmark as a base unit of measure, a minimum clear space of 3/4x should be maintained on all sides of the logo. No other graphic element should appear in this space.

Colour variations: Whenever possible, the Jane100 logo should appear in Solid Black or in one of the colours provided, on white background. When a reverse application is required, the logo should appear white (knock out) on black background or image.

Improper uses of the logo:
Do not rotate the logo.
Do not outline the logo.
Do not change the font or attempt to recreate the logo.
Do not flip the logo.
Do not distort, stretch, or modify logo.
Do not change the logo colour.

Social Media Tips

Connect your event into the growing Jane100 network by using the hashtag #Jane100.

Sample Tweets
Here are some Tweets you can use to promote your event and Jane100 on Twitter:

Celebrate the ideas and legacy of Jane Jacobs at a #Jane100 community or signature event! Details at http://jane100.com.

Jane Jacobs changed how we think about & live in our cities. Explore her ideas & celebrate her legacy with #Jane100 http://jane100.com

How have the ideas of writer/urban activist Jane Jacobs influenced you? Plan a #Jane100 event & join the conversation at http://jane100.com

In 2016, legendary writer & urban activist Jane Jacobs would have been 100. Celebrate Jane’s ideas & impact with #Jane100 http://jane100.com

Wrapping Up + Reporting Back

To wrap up the year-long celebration of Jane100, we are collecting photos and written reflections from hosts and attendees at all Jane100 events. There are a number of ways to report back on your event:

Submit your photos Contact us

Questions? Get in touch! You can reach the Jane100 team at hello@jane100.com. We will do our very best to respond swiftly to your inquiry